Computer Perfection “Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer)” (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Free!

Those quite familiar with indiepop Christmas tunes know how wonderful those early Pas/Cal Christmas singles were. Then, when Pas/Cal was no more, Computer Perfection and Casimer & Casimir were born from the ashes. Both bands have contributed to the Christmas cannon, with Computer Perfection & Friends’ “Christmas Party” back in 2008 and last year’s Casimer & Casimir’s Soundcloud release “C&C does Margo for XXXmas.” Well, it looks like Computer Perfection are at it again, with “Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer).” Originally I thought it might be a James Brown song – but I think it may be their own mashup of “Little Drummer Boy” with Brown’s “Funky Drummer.” Readers of this blog may remember that “Little Drummer Boy” is my least favorite Christmas song ever, so please take the fact that I’m even mentioning this song as a reason to listen to it. Its funky & fun, with a splash of indiepop. It certainly deserves more listens than the 3 it presently has… 2 of which are mine. 

Bottom Line: No download (yet) DOWNLOAD! and this funky tune and its falsetto deserve a spot in your Christmas party playlist. 3.9/5


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