The Crookes “You Bring the Snow” (2016)

The Crookes - You Bring the Snow

Anywhere Records
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Christmas is time of year (for me) where nostalgia becomes the currency, and this year, the Crookes have a million bucks. Their new song, which debuted on The Line of Best Fit today, is a wonderful, emotional crystal ball to the Christmases when you were young. “I wanna know where did the magic go? / This year, I swear I’m coming home. / So let the sleighbells ring, / people dancing and they’re having fun. / All I wanna have / One more Christmas like when we were young.” The lyrics, the synthesizer atmospherics, all the way down George Waite’s vocals paint a heartfelt yearning for when Christmas was truly Christmas. You know… that time in your life that planted that seed, and why you are reading this blog now.

Bottom Line: The Crookes can always be counted on for Christmas (silver and) gold.


The Crookes “You’re Just Like Christmas” (2014)

The Crookes "You're Just Like Christmas"

Fierce Panda | Modern Outsider Records
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The Crookes are back with another festive treat. Previously releasing an extremely limited (50 copies) 3-track Christmas single in 2009, their 5 year festive hiatus well worth the wait. I really love the whole vibe of the song – the lyrics, the melody, hell, even the video. There is just something jovial and romantic about it. It is only being released digitally, and one would hope, via their Bandcamp at some point, fingers crossed.

Hey, quick thought, anybody have that 3-track “It’s Just Not Christmas Without You” CD? Care to share? I know where to find the title song, but beyond that… would love to hear it.

Bottom Line: Perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. 5/5