The Crookes “You’re Just Like Christmas” (2014)

Fierce Panda | Modern Outsider Records
Buy: Amazon UK MP3 | iTunes | Google Play | 7Digital FLAC available in your country’s store (except US)

The Crookes are back with another festive treat. Previously releasing an extremely limited (50 copies) 3-track Christmas single in 2009, their 5 year festive hiatus well worth the wait. I really love the whole vibe of the song – the lyrics, the melody, hell, even the video. There is just something jovial and romantic about it. It is only being released digitally, and one would hope, via their Bandcamp at some point, fingers crossed.

Hey, quick thought, anybody have that 3-track “It’s Just Not Christmas Without You” CD? Care to share? I know where to find the title song, but beyond that… would love to hear it.

Bottom Line: Perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. 5/5



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