Too Pure Singles Club – Seize the Chair / Best Friends 7″ (2013)

Too Pure Singles Club
Buy: Please don’t buy them all before I get some money together.

Wow. Garage rock Christmas heaven with Seize the Chair and Best Friends. I had seen this 7″ posted here and there, but hadn’t had a chance to really listen to it yet. I will not waste any more of your time – the listen links are below.

Bottom Line: HOLY $%^&. One of my favorite Christmas releases.  5/5


3 Replies to “Too Pure Singles Club – Seize the Chair / Best Friends 7″ (2013)”

  1. I don’t think you CAN buy them. Except from the secondary market. As I understand it, its subscription only and this is the final release for the 2013 subscription. You can subscribe for 2014, but this record won’t be included.

    1. I have found some in UK record stores… and some bands shops as well. I didn’t provide links, because I’m hoping my lack of links will buy me time to buy one. 🙂

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