DZ Deathrays “Lonely This Christmas” (2014)

Too Pure
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I knew I should have posted this days ago when it had 5 plays on Soundcloud – Blast! Kudos to you Christmas A Go Go! Australian punk/garage rock band DZ Deathrays‘ cover of Mud’s “Lonely This Christmas” appears to be one of (perhaps two) the seasonal selections from the Too Pure Records singles club (which after last year’s fantastic release, may raise expectations). They definitely rock the hell out of the song. This will certainly fit the bill for some punk/pop-punk Christmas music fans out there.

Bottom Line: Not quite there for my personal tastes, but remember, I’m a bit twee. 3/5


3 Replies to “DZ Deathrays “Lonely This Christmas” (2014)”

  1. Finding your site, and this track specifically, was like finding the holy grail. It’s so awesome to know there are others out there with a similar enthusiasm for offbeat Christmas records and tracks and as an Aussie already into DZ Deathrays (and who thought I was pretty with-it when it came to scouting new Christmas tunes) this site has already proved to be a wealth of knowledge. In fact, your site actually inspired me to create my own Christmas music blog. I just wanted to say thanks, so: Thanks! I’ve added you to my blogfeed! x

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