Christmas Aguilera “Santa’s Car” (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Bandcamp

It is no secret that I absolutely love Christmas Aguilera. So… I keep in touch and annoyingly e-mail them each year, wondering if they are doing a new Christmas song. Therefore, I knew a song was coming, and think it’s well worth the wait. CA always takes a different tack when it comes to writing Christmas songs, and I greatly appreciate that. A tale is spun of Santa experiencing massive budget cuts, with Christmas spirit in steep decline. Yet he persists, and there’s a sweetness to the melody that lifts it from its dreary premise towards that glimmer of hope. As always, this song benefits their local homeless charity in East London – so you have no reason not to buy this song. Well done, Christmas Aguilera.

In a somewhat related matter, you should also check out Hero and Leander. Just cuz. Not that they might be part of this mysterious Christmas Aguilera band… Did Steve tell you that? That Steve…

Bottom Line: I never know what to expect, and this more subdued tune is yet another piece in a beautiful puzzle. 4.8/5


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