Shy Nature “Christmas Lullaby” (2015)

Self Released
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North London’s Shy Nature have ALSO returned! This is an amazing week for underground Christmas music – damn! Now, Shy Nature loves a slow burner, such as last year’s “Sweet Winter Rain,” and I would put their 2015 track “Christmas Lullaby” in that same camp. The music is quite atmospheric, as each instrument rings into the cool air of this snowy song. But there is a tension, very much between the slow beat and the vibraphone (right?)… only in the chorus does it release, and that is quite lovely.

Where somewhere it’s snowing
And the rest of us sing

Christmas lullaby songs
The melody sings me to sleep
And the holiday’s on
But no rest for the wicked and me

EDIT: It appears that this track is going to be officially released either today (17th, which it states on their Soundcloud) or tomorrow (18th, which it states on their Bandcamp).

Bottom Line: This lullaby leaves me with complicated feelings about how truly sweet it is… and I like that.




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