For my new readers

Just a quick heads up for my new readers (as Stubby’s kind shout-outs have certainly brought some new eyeballs to my small corner of the internet) -> I tend to post more frequently early on, until about Dec. 10 or so… after that, my mix is usually done and I begin to slow down. So, while everyone else is likely heating up, I’ll be cooling down. In summation, read me early and often, and I’ll do my best to get some good stuff (and yell about some bad stuff too) out to you.



So, I am not sure as to whether I’ll have a chance to post today or tomorrow. Likely, these are the last 2 days that anyone might care to read this blog… but it also happens to be two days where I’m at my parents house with my newborn child. There is lots of chasing babies and visiting. So, we shall see if I get any time. Be sure to check out my blogroll on the right to keep up with those who are ACTUALLY posting right now.

Christmas Mix 2013: The Third Eye Santa

Third Eye Santa

Its finally done. A tougher year than most, and as usual, I continue to second-guess some choices. That late Thanksgiving (in the US) really pushed a lot of releases back I’d imagine. But it is set in stone. Have a listen if you like.


How far along is everyone?

So, I’ve created an extensive spreadsheet to track the creation of this year’s mix. I’m looking at about 10 locked-in tracks, and 30 or so on the list for consideration. How is everyone else doing? Are you waiting for the week after Thanksgiving for what will hopefully be a flurry of new releases (I know I am!)?

Now if only the Apple Store would give me my computer back. Blarg!

How do you like receiving your Christmas Underground?

Nobody has noticed this yet, but I have created a Christmas Underground Facebook page to compliment the website and the Twitter account. So many ways to get your obscure(ish) Christmas tune fix. How do you like to get your CU updates? Feel free to choose and let me know. Oh, and btw, feel free to comment on my posts so I don’t feel so terribly, terribly alone. Single tear. Sniffle.

Oh, and I got a crazy amount of traffic from Facebook on Sunday – more than this modest site ever has received. Any idea where it all came from?


I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I love Bandcamp. Bandcamp is the first digital provider that I don’t feel ripped off by – giving me the opportunity to download lossless audio, as well as, at times, buy a physical object (which I often do!). I like the simple layout, the relatively-new collection feature that shows what you and others have bought (great for going down that rabbit hole), and the ever-expanding ability to surf through the entire Bandcamp library with greater ease. I would like to encourage every band I know to get onto Bandcamp, to take advantage of their better percentages (10-15% vs. the 30% iTunes takes!) and lack of any startup or maintenance fees. Please… if you have released a fantastic Christmas tune and offered it up for free on your website, continue doing so. But for those of us who would love a FLAC… we will pay for that. Throw it on there – what do you have to lose?? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was happy to pay for music again, even when they are paying for downloads?

How is your Christmas mix coming?

How is your Christmas mix coming?

Photo shoot done. 20-30 songs on the shortlist. Waiting on a 7″, a CD from Spain, and very open to something new and incredible. My constant listening is keeping me from writing here – cruel timing – I know.

How about you?